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Casting Maika Monroe in ‘They Follow’: The Sequel to ‘It Follows 14

Casting Maika Monroe in ‘They Follow’: The Sequel to ‘It Follows In 2014, Maika Monroe rose to prominence with the cult horror film ‘It Follows,’ which, along with ‘The Guest,’ established writer/director David Robert Mitchell as a promising filmmaker. While the success of the movie, made on a modest budget of around $1 million, grossing over $21 million globally, was impressive, a sequel was never a given. Fast forward to today, during the Halloween season, and we have exciting news. Maika Monroe and David Robert Mitchell are reuniting for a follow-up, intriguingly titled ‘They Follow.

Maika Monroe They Follow

The original film featured a captivating premise – After a fateful encounter with a mysterious stranger, Jay (played by Monroe) discovers an unusual curse: wherever she goes, ominous, half-naked apparitions relentlessly pursue her with the sole intent of ending her life.

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Desperate and running out of options, Jay seeks assistance from her younger sister and her unwavering group of friends. Over time, she discovers that her sole chance of escaping the impending doom is to engage in an intimate encounter with someone else and pass on the curse. However, the malevolent pursuers remain invisible to her friends, and the urgency of her situation becomes increasingly clear. With death looming, the terrified young woman faces a harrowing decision, her only hope for survival.

Maika Monroe They Follow

The production company, Neon, is currently in the process of selling distribution rights for the movie at this year’s American Film Market. David Robert Mitchell plans to commence shooting the sequel next year, promising a thrilling continuation of this chilling tale.

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Maika Monroe Returns in ‘They Follow’: A Sequel to ‘It Follow

In 2014, ‘It Follows’ introduced the world to the talented and captivating Maika Monroe. Known for her compelling on-screen presence, Maika has become a prominent figure in the film industry. Born Dillon Monroe Buckley on May 29, 1993, in Santa Barbara, California, she adopted the stage name “Maika Monroe” for her acting career.

Before her breakthrough role in ‘It Follows,’ Maika was a professional kiteboarder, showcasing her adventurous spirit and athleticism. This unique background added depth to her persona in the entertainment world.

Following the success of ‘It Follows,’ Maika Monroe continued to impress audiences with her performances in various films. She demonstrated her versatility in ‘The Guest’ (2014), ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ (2016), ‘The 5th Wave’ (2016), and ‘Hot Summer Nights’ (2017). Her acting skills have consistently earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

In ‘It Follows,’ Maika portrayed the lead character, Jay, and her performance was praised for its depth and authenticity. The film marked a turning point in her career and made her a recognized name in the horror genre.

With her return in ‘They Follow,’ fans can look forward to seeing Maika Monroe reprise her role and bring her remarkable talent to the sequel. Her presence promises to add a compelling dimension to the anticipated film.

Maika Monroe’s dedication to her craft, coupled with her adventurous spirit, makes her a dynamic and exciting figure in the world of cinema. As ‘They Follow’ gets underway, her fans can expect another unforgettable performance in this chilling horror sequel. Stay tuned for more updates as the film’s production progresses.


What’s the release date for ‘They Follow’?

As of now, the exact release date has not been announced. We anticipate further updates as the production progresses.

Is the original cast returning for the sequel?

Yes, both Maika Monroe and director David Robert Mitchell are set to return for ‘They Follow,’ ensuring continuity in the story.

Will ‘They Follow’ continue the story from ‘It Follows’?

‘They Follow’ is intended as a sequel to ‘It Follows,’ expanding upon the unsettling premise introduced in the original film.

What can we expect in terms of the plot for ‘They Follow’?

While specific plot details are not fully disclosed, ‘They Follow’ is expected to delve deeper into the cursed world introduced in ‘It Follows’ and explore the consequences of the characters’ actions.

Are there any new characters or additions to the cast?

As of now, no details about new characters or cast additions have been confirmed. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Where can we catch the latest updates about the movie’s production and release?

You can stay updated on ‘They Follow’ by following official announcements from the production company Neon and official sources related to the film.

Will the sequel maintain the same eerie atmosphere as the original?

‘They Follow’ is expected to carry forward the suspenseful and unsettling atmosphere that ‘It Follows’ was known for, delivering another gripping horror experience.

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