Google Pixel Buds Pro: Big update is coming

Tomorrow afternoon, Google will not only unveil the Pixel 8 smartphones and the Pixel Watch 2 but will also make additions to the smart headphones, Google Pixel Buds Pro – albeit only with new colors and not a new model. Simultaneously, they might also announce a series of new features that are now evident in a teardown and are eagerly awaiting their rollout.

The smart headphones, Pixel Buds Pro, will soon be available in two new colors, which were revealed just a few days ago. The introduction of these new colors aims not only to expand the choices available but also to align with the new Pixel 8 color options. However, there could also be new features on the horizon, as Google is currently rolling out a new Pixel Buds Companion App, which hints at exciting developments.

We’ve previously reported that the Pixel Buds app contained early indications of a new Google Foldable device, but that’s not the only revelation. The app includes a slew of fresh features for the smart headphones, as uncovered during a teardown, confirming previous reports and discoveries in this direction.

Among the new features is Hearing Wellness, designed to remind users to maintain an appropriate volume level and compare it to familiar ambient sounds. Additionally, the headphones are expected to recognize conversations and automatically lower or pause music when the wearer engages in a discussion. Lastly, the Bluetooth connection is set to be optimized, promising improved sound quality and reduced latency.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Hearing Wellness

The volume of headphones can be quickly underestimated, especially during extended wear. In such instances, it may seem like it can’t be loud enough, and one might not even realize that they’re essentially placing their ear next to a rocket engine – just to draw a comparison.

Therefore, the Pixel Buds app aims to warn users while providing a visual comparison of the volume. Comparisons range from a whisper to city noises all the way to a music festival.

Hearing Wellness

To enhance your listening habits, you can monitor the current volume of your earbuds and receive an exposure report that tracks your accumulated listening volume over time.
This feature measures your listening volume over time. As you listen, your exposure increases up to the recommended maximum level.
Sudden loud noises like car horns or fireworks can instantly affect your ears, but even moderately loud sounds such as traffic noise or power tools can impact your ears over extended periods. In general, the louder the sound, the less time you should expose your ears to it.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Conversation Detection

The Google Pixel Buds Pro offer noise cancellation and continually analyze the surrounding sounds for this purpose. If it detects that the wearer has initiated a conversation while this feature is active, the headphones can respond accordingly.

Pixel Buds Pro
Pixel Buds Pro

Media playback is paused, and the headphones switch to transparency mode, allowing external sounds to pass through. Therefore, even during a conversation, there’s no absolute need to remove the headphones, although it might still be a polite gesture to do so.

Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

The Pixel Buds Pro are set to optimize audio connectivity over Bluetooth. Through an additional data channel, this aims to significantly enhance call quality, touted as providing “crystal-clear conversations.” Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce audio latency, although the specific method for achieving this is not yet disclosed. It appears that this functionality may only work with newer Android versions on Pixel smartphones, as indicated in the teardown.

These new features are already present in the app, but the timing of Google’s activation remains undisclosed. Will it happen as soon as tomorrow? Perhaps it will coincide with the launch of the Pixel smartphones next week, or could Google be saving it for the Pixel Feature Drop in December? We don’t have that information, but the current state of development suggests it could theoretically be made available to all users at any time.

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