In the heart of Düsseldorf Harbor, a remarkable environmental protest is unfolding. Activists from the renowned environmental organization Greenpeace have taken a bold step by occupying the Uniper headquarters building and climbing onto its roof. Their mission: to raise their voices against a contentious gas extraction project taking place off the west coast of Australia. This action is driven by their deep concern for the fragile marine ecosystems, particularly the welfare of whales and sea turtles.


The activists’ protest centers on the use of subsonic air guns in the gas extraction process, a method known for producing deafening noises that reverberate through the ocean depths. These noises pose a grave threat to marine life, especially to whales, which heavily rely on sound and sonar for navigation, communication, and foraging.

The Environmental Concerns

Greenpeace has expressed significant concerns about the gas extraction project. They argue that it poses a severe danger to unique marine conservation areas off the western coast of Australia. These pristine waters are home to an array of marine species, including whales and sea turtles, which are at risk due to the disruptive noises generated by the subsonic air guns.

Safety Measures and Road Closures

To ensure the safety of all involved, the Düsseldorf Fire Department has taken precautionary measures by temporarily closing off the streets surrounding the protest action. The closure was initiated due to safety concerns stemming from the nature of the protest.

Police Advisory

Local law enforcement authorities have also issued an advisory to the public, recommending that people avoid the immediate vicinity of the protest area. This advisory is a precautionary measure aimed at maintaining order and ensuring the safety of all citizens.

Uncertainty Surrounding Duration

While the protest unfolds, one question remains unanswered: how long will the streets around the Uniper headquarters remain closed? As of now, it’s difficult to determine a specific timeframe. The duration will depend on the progress of the protest and the negotiations between Greenpeace activists and relevant authorities.

In conclusion, Greenpeace’s protest in Düsseldorf serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of environmental conservation. The activists’ dedication to safeguarding marine life and the natural world is evident in their bold actions. As the protest continues, it draws attention not only to the perils facing marine ecosystems but also to the responsibility we all share in preserving the delicate balance of our planet’s environment.

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