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Who leaked Aliza Sehar video? Pakistani YouTuber reveals details on viral Video Call Recording

Aliza Sehar broke her silence on her leaked private video and informed that the location has been traced in Qatar with the man admitting to the crimes.

The Aliza Sehar leaked video controversy has made waves across the internet, particularly in Pakistan. Pakistani netizens on X, formerly known as Twitter, have been abuzz ever since the video emerged on social media. The viral video in question features the renowned Pakistani YouTuber and influencer engaged in a video call during which she was unaware it was being recorded, leading to actions that drew considerable attention. Now, the question of who leaked Aliza Sehar Leaked video remains unanswered. To discover more, read on.

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Who leaked Aliza Sehar’s video?

According to reports, Aliza has broken her silence regarding her leaked private video. In her communication with her fans, she disclosed that she had sought the assistance of Multan’s Cybercrime Division. This division managed to trace the location of the individual responsible for leaking her video, who is purportedly residing in Qatar. Aliza revealed that the man hails from Okara but is currently in Qatar. Upon contact by the cybercrime authorities, the individual admitted to editing the video but denied leaking it. Aliza expressed her frustration, noting that she would have pursued the matter further if the individual were within Pakistan’s jurisdiction.

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Aliza Sehar leaked video call

For those who may not be aware, the leaked Aliza video involving Aliza features what appears to be the Pakistani influencer on a video call with a boy. However, Aliza was unaware that the call was being recorded. In the viral Aliza Sehar’s video, she was asked by the individual to reveal her body, and she complied by lifting her shirt. Following this, the video call footage was leaked, subjecting the Pakistani YouTuber to online trolling and criticism.

There were reports suggesting that Aliza attempted suicide in response to the video leak, although the veracity of this information remains unconfirmed. Aliza is a popular YouTuber with 1.51 million subscribers on her channel, recognized for showcasing the village lifestyle in Pakistan.

Watch Aliza Sehar Leaked Video

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